In our new video whitepaper, Eight Video Trends Bringing Real ROI to Asset Managementwe outline eight ways that Asset Management organizations are using video to learn faster, connect better and increase the value of their interactions with both clients and the market. To illustrate this point further, we put together a case study on one of our Asset Management clients, Henderson Global.

Henderson Global was looking to new technology to gain advantage on their competitors and create new opportunities for their clients. Previously they had been mainly communicating with their clients and partners using a Fund Fact Sheet which was published once a month.

However, employees at Henderson Global were frustrated that the Fund Fact Sheet did not enable them to remain agile in the era of constant connection and data-driven business. The Fund Fact Sheet also did not give them the ability to respond, positively or negatively, to articles and trending items in an immediate fashion, leaving their clients in the dark for days or weeks.

Mark Skinner of Henderson Global wanted a new solution and video was the answer. After talking with his employees, he realized that they were already using video on a daily basis to get and share information. After working with Qumu (then known as Kulu Valley), Skinner and Henderson Valley implemented a lightweight, cloud-based video solution that enabled fund managers to record a ninety second video and publish it to the Henderson Global website in a matter of minutes, giving them flexibility and agility that they had never experienced before.

“This is all about improving communications between the fund manager, the fund management company and the client.” – Mark Skinner

Hear more about how Henderson Global Investments improved their ability to share information, learn faster and connect better with their clients with video:


If you’d like to know more about how video is revolutionizing the world of Asset Management, watch our free video whitepaper: Eight Video Trends Bringing Real ROI to Asset Management