In 2008, eBay was still developing into a video-enabled company. At that time, a few business leaders were doing live webcasting four or five times a year, but that was the extent of their video use. Now video is in daily use by thousands of employees across the eBay network. Hosting multiple live webcasts a week and producing up to ten on demand videos a day, eBay has truly become a video enabled culture.

From webcasting live all-hands meetings and providing those meetings on demand to employees who couldn’t attend, to daily news series that wraps up the day-to-day in 90 seconds or less, eBay is using video to connect their global organization, and using Qumu’s enterprise video platform to do it.

“For us, the Qumu platform is the lynchpin for video delivery and video content management,” says eBay’s Ryan Burnham.

Hear more about how eBay uses Qumu to bring their business together with video: