In her article, “The power of a CEO video: Authentic communication employees crave,” Tribe, Inc. CEO, Elizabeth Baskin, goes over a few of the reasons why CEOs should be using video, as well as some best practices for CEO video communication. It’s a must-read for executives who want to stay at the cutting edge of business.

To take her article one step further, we need to get into the “How” of creating CEO videos. Enterprise video platforms are critical to every step of bringing video to your employees, here’s how they can help:

1)      Give them the tools. “The goal is for the video to feel as much as possible like the CEO is talking to the viewer, person to person,” writes Baskin. What better way to get that feeling of authenticity than to give CEOs the ability to make and edit their own videos? Having an easy-to-use video and screencapture function within an enterprise video platform so executives can create videos the moment they feel that inspiration will give the most authenticity to their messages, and that resonates with audiences.

2)      Ensure delivery. Just capturing the video is not enough. Ask any IT professional who has been tasked with bringing video on to their network, it’s not as easy as pushing a button. An enterprise video platform should have automated workflows for video transcoding and delivery, optimizing that video for any device, through any connection so everyone in the audience can hear (and see) the message loud and clear.

3)      Keep it secure. When an executive is discussing his or her vision for the future of an organization, you’re not just going to stick it out on YouTube and hope nobody outside the company is watching. You need potent and robust security provided by an enterprise video platform to ensure that the sensitive messages in your organization are only reaching the audience you choose.

4)      Measure performance. Finding out what resonates with your employees is a science. And like all successful science, it requires experimentation and analysis of results. By using onboard analytics on an enterprise video platform, you can track who is watching videos, how long an average audience member watched a video and what videos were the most successful. Using this information, you can tailor your future videos to have the most impact with your employees.

It’s no secret that creating authentic CEO and executive videos is a serious benefit to having engaged, driven employees. Find out more about how an enterprise video platform can take executive video creation from an idea to reality.