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Creating promotional videos for use internally and/or externally is likely to be on your to-do list for this year. In general, half the battle is in getting the right footage from your company’s events and promotions.

But how do you capture moments that will make people want to engage?

How do you capture moments that you can weave into the larger narrative of what your company is about?

And how can you do it within a reasonable time frame and budget?

Here are some tips and tactics for gathering footage, focusing on how to take advantage of moments as they occur, and don’t forget Rule #1: Have a camera ready!

The Footage You Need

  • Interviews with VIPs. Interview footage is easy to get with a little bit of planning, and you can take advantage of visiting guests and keynote speakers at events to give their two cents on the direction of the industry or tools for success. You should also take opportunities to interview important people in your company who can speak to the big picture, as well as around specific launches, new offerings, and happenings in the industry.
  • Presentations. If you or someone from your company is giving a presentation at an event, whether it’s one you’re hosting or not, make sure it’s filmed so that it can be incorporated into promotional videos later. Presentations are excellent for this, as they tend to focus on driving home key messages, and external ones in particular help to place your company within big picture.
  • Event Highlights: Backstage and Onstage. At events, aim to get some candid backstage and onstage moments to add a bit of color and candor to your videos. Recording event highlights is useful for promoting events after the fact, as well as for producing later videos showcasing your company’s activities.
  • Live feeds. If you’ve been using our platform to host live feeds, you can easily translate moments from recorded feeds into re-usable video promotional material. Choose moments that show the dynamic nature of conversation around particular topics, as well as the candid and funny things that can only happen live.
  • Case study. If you’re looking to showcase your services, periodically film ongoing processes around a particular client (who gives permission), and gather video material that you can then package as a case study of what you do. Get behind-the-scenes views as well as customer testimonials.
  • B-roll.  B-roll is the easiest video to get and the hardest to define; it’s essentially the footage of everything that isn’t a highlight at an event: the outside of a venue, shots of key people when they’re offstage, footage showing the product, shots of the crowd, etc. Banking B-roll from your events will be extremely useful in creating a sense of your event’s atmosphere in promotional videos, and can be interspersed with any of the above content as filler or to cover editing gaps.

We want to know: how are you using video to showcase your next event? Leave us a comment or tweet to us!