In the recent publication, “Five Killer Competencies Your Digital Team Needs,” Forrester analyst Martin Gill outlines a few of the ways your digital team members can upgrade their skills to stay on the cutting edge. Video can help at every step. Here’s how:

  • Product Ownership: Chaperoning new product developments from strategy to implementation using development methods like Scrum requires a mix of both constant communication as well as documentation. Creating short, screen capture videos of the process is a great way to record progress. However, simply creating the videos is not enough, it’s also critical that users are able to manage, organize and search those videos to reference development steps. Uploading all recorded videos to an enterprise video platform is a simple way to keep all of your video information organized so your team can move forward.
  • Customer-Centric Design: There’s the old adage, “Give the people what they want.” But how do you know what the people want? In a word? Analytics. Video analytics can give in-depth insight into where your audience’s interests are focused. With video analytics you can tell how many people watched your videos, for how long, and exactly when and where they stopped watching. This can help you to tailor future product and campaign development.
  • Communication: Business moves fast. Therefore, your communication needs to move at the speed of business. No matter the size of your audience, video is the fastest and most engaging way to communicate with employees, partners and customers. Give everyone in your organization the tools they need to create video quickly and easily and watch communication accelerate. For instance, your CEO can bring every member of your business up to date with company strategy and business direction with the click of a button by webcasting right from his or her desk.
  • Digital Governance: Maintaining control over your assets has always been a concern for businesses. That control has never been more important than in the digital, mobile era. Using an enterprise video platform to manage and secure your sensitive video data is an ideal way to keep your company moving fast without worrying about leaks.
  • Data Science: As I mentioned before, analytics are a key area to help define strategy, product development and goals. Enterprise video platforms not only provide deep insight into viewer habits, but they also provide a tool to represent that insight in a dynamic and engaging way. Creating short videos outlining the information you’ve gained from analytics is an incredibly effective way to present and retain information.

Your digital team members will be at the forefront of the future of your business. An enterprise video platform will give them a powerful toolset to connect, communicate, learn and engage with killer competencies.

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