If you’re involved in marketing or internal comms, the whys, whens and hows of using video should not be a foreign topic. Companies all over the world are finding real value in using video for training, marketing, employee engagement and so much more.

In their recent article, “Video Production: In-House vs. Outsource,” Mediasilo goes over the pros and cons of making your own videos internally versus connecting with an external media creation firm. The whole article is worth a read, but I’ll break down some of the main points here:

  • Quality: It sounds obvious, but you need professionals and professional equipment to make high quality video. If you’re only going to make a few videos a year and want those videos to be commercial-grade, outsourcing is probably the way to go. However, don’t let the term “high-quality” scare you.
    Many companies are getting great results by giving all of their employees tools to easily create and edit videos from their desktops or mobile devices. Video is a versatile medium, and need not be limited to big-budget, commercial-style productions. If highly produced videos are what you’re looking for however, you may want to think about hiring an in-house video team or outsourcing your video work.
  • Cost and Convenience: In Mediasilo’s article, they separate cost and convenience in to two separate categories, but they really go hand in hand. The questions you need to ask are, “What am I using video for?” and “How many videos do I want to make?” If you only want to make a few videos a year, it may be more cost effective to hire freelancers or an outside team to create those videos for you.
    As video communication grows in your organization, and you start to use video for more and more of your communications strategy, investing in some in-house video expertise will go a long way.
  • Brand and Mission: Again, it seems like a no-brainer. You’ve already got a brand and your team knows it inside and out, right? While that may be true, this is an area where it might be helpful to hire an outside consultant to help you develop your video identity. There are a lot of angles (no pun intended) to creating a consistent and correct look and feel for your videos. If you’re just starting out in the video arena, it may make sense to work with a video consultant to help you develop your video brand before branching out on your own.
    That said, if your business is planning on using video steadily going forward, there’s no substitute for having an in-house video editor who can keep both your brand and your mission in mind when creating videos.

No matter how you’re creating videos, whether internally or working with outside experts, finding a way to manage, deliver and present those videos to your internal and external audiences is a critical piece of your company’s video strategy.

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