Over half of companies that are using video within their organization have mobile as a major component of their video strategy. Add to that the fact that 3 out of 4 employees under the age of 40 are watching videos on their mobile devices, both for work and for enjoyment, and it’s clear that mobile business video is playing an ever-growing role in business communications.

But delivering video to mobile devices is not as cut and dry as it may seem. Employees want to use their personal mobile devices for work since their personal devices are the most suited to their individual needs and make them feel the most comfortable. On top of that, unlike desktops, mobile devices can connect through a wide array of network options, from cellular data to wifi. Depending on the type of connection, it can be difficult to serve up a high quality video that isn’t constantly buffering and skipping.

By transcoding videos and employing intelligent delivery rules, delivering on demand video to mobile devices has improved significantly. Transcoding is the process of taking one filetype and changing it into another, for instance if you wanted to change an .AVI file into a smaller .MP4 file, you would use a transcoding engine. However, this process can take time, and up to now has been difficult for live video, making it harder for users to watch live video webcasts on their mobile devices.

Leading organizations are also looking to enhance their videos with rich content like slides and other visuals. The richer the presentation, the more a presenter increases the information retention and engagement of his or her audience. Up to now, main way to include these slides and visuals on mobile was to stream the entire presentation as a video file. While this got some messages across, it lacked in functionality. Users could not manipulate the size of the slides within their player to fully engage with all of the rich content being provided in the presentation.

Together with our partner, Wowza Media Systems, we’ve developed a solution.

Qumu Live Transform is a dynamic streaming capability that gives our users the power to transcode live video on the fly to any endpoint, whether its a desktop or a mobile device as well as synchronize slides to mobile streams. It’s a one-two punch that brings increased functionality to the realm of live, mobile video.

The world has gone mobile, Qumu Live Transform is taking live video along for the ride.

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