In our last post, we discussed how the chances of getting a page one listing on Google increases 53 times when video is involved, and digital word-of-mouth has immense impact, with social media channels and video sharing becoming majorly interconnected. But that’s not the only way businesses are using video. 51% of businesses are using video for training and 47% are making video presentations with their executives.

Using video internally will create stronger bonds between employees and the company culture, providing opportunities to educate, inform and solicit feedback on important topics.

Want to know more about how you should be using video internally? Here’s part two of our list:


  1. Compliance Training. Need to make sure your staff is up to speed on procedure? Make a compliance training video to educate and inform.
  2. New Employee Onboarding. Use video to introduce new hires to the company culture, work site and leadership.
  3. News & Updates. Deliver company goings-on in a weekly or monthly wrap-up.
  4. Interviews. For many companies, especially those with thousands around the country or the world, it can be difficult for team members to feel connected to one another. Regularly recording and sharing videos of different people can help combat this challenge.
  5. Employee Spotlight. Use this as a platform for team members to give insight into their job roles and achievements.
  6. Company Trivia. Help colleagues connect with the company by giving a video backstory, highlighting quirky details.
  7. Townhall Meeting. Use live video to hold a Town Hall Meeting, involving staff actively in big company conversations.
  8. Newsletter. This idea is similar to the “New & Updates” but can also include adding a bit more of the company culture into the mix. Share stories of team members going above and beyond or share ways your company is giving back to the community.
  9. Video for Stockholders. Delivery important information to company stockholders in a simple and accessible format.
  10. Charity. If your company is involved in a charity activity, highlight the event and its impact for staff, and invite them to get involved.
  11. Contest. Hold an internal competition to mix things up!
  12. Sales Enablement/Field Staff Training. Does your field staff get special training? Put some of it on video to streamline the training process.
  13. Financial Overview. Once a year, give a view into the company’s progress toward financial goals for the benefit of staff.
  14. Employee-Generated Content. Garner enthusiasm for internal messages by getting multiple staff and departments involved in producing company videos.
  15. Conference/Event Highlights. Film and give highlights from external events where the company was represented, to showcase activities internally and help prep for the next event.
  16. Thank You. Give a big Thank You to your dedicated team!

Qumu can help you with any and all of the above, however you want to deploy video in your business. Explore our Solutions to find out more!