Online video has become a medium for communication that no company can ignore. The chances of getting a page one listing on Google increases 53 times when video is involved, and digital word-of-mouth has immense impact, with social media channels and video sharing becoming majorly interconnected. In fact, Cisco projects that online video traffic will likely make up 69% of all global consumer internet traffic by 2017.

Using video externally can help you connect with your customers in visual, graphic and dynamic ways, allowing you to deliver key company messages and promote your products to an increasingly larger audience of viewers.

We’ve put together 41 kinds of enterprise video that your business should be thinking about. In part one, we’ll go over the types of external video your business can use to drive connection and engagement with customers and partners. Stay tuned for part two tomorrow!


  1. Explainer/How To. Use video to address a Frequently Asked Question about a product or service.
  2. Educational. Present information that will be beneficial for customers, in a dynamic format.
  3. Testimonial. Customer or stakeholder testimonials can be especially effective put on video (compared with, for example, a paragraph on the company website).
  4. Case Study. Give customers and potential customers a view into a product or service scenario that was effectively addressed by your team.
  5. Promotional. Use video to promote a new offering in a striking way.
  6. Interview. Giving video interviews can help make your team accessible and approachable to the public, while showcasing expertise.
  7. Live Webcast. Having an event? Broadcast it live to let people who can’t attend in on the action.
  8. Video Powerpoint. Record a presentation and put it out there for those who are interested.
  9. Live Demo. Is your product (or an aspect of it) difficult to explain? Make a demo to show how it works.
  10. Photo Montage.  This one is a bit of a cheat and handy if you haven’t yet created actual video footage but you have plenty of company photos available to you. Assemble your pictures into a slideshow set to music or have a voice-over to convey the message you want to share.
  11. Animations and Infographics. Get graphic! Share a playful or helpful animation or infographic sequence.
  12. Event Coverage. Create a montage of event footage to show how it went, what was achieved, and to promote the next event.
  13. Update/Check-In: This is a great example of doing “video on the fly”. At a conference and you want to check in with your team – Do it with video!
  14. “Behind the Scenes.” A great way to make your company and team more accessible to the people you want to reach—give a view into the inner workings.
  15. Giveaway. Host a product giveaway and use video to promote it!
  16. Comparison. Want to demonstrate what you’ve got over the competition? Make a comparison video.
  17. User-Generated Content. Let your customers and fans know you appreciate them, and generate great content, by running a contest or asking them to submit video testimonials.
  18. Co-Promotional. Combine forces with another great company and co-promote your products or services! Use video to show how they work together.
  19. Charity. Is your team involved in a charity event or activity? Use video to highlight the project and the people it can help.
  20. Bloopers. If you use video as often as we do, this shouldn’t be difficult! Save your blooper reels and edit into a funny video.
  21. Client Spotlight. Have a great client story you want to share? Impress and praise them with a client spotlight video.
  22. About Us. Give company history or introduce the team.
  23. Newsletter. Deliver a high-tech, clickable newsletter as a weekly or monthly video.
  24. Contest. Host a competition for your fan base, introducing it and spotlighting winners with video.
  25. Thank You. Take a moment to thank your loyal and amazing customers with a video message.

Qumu can help you with any and all of the above, however you want to deploy video in your business. Explore our Solutions to find out more!