Friday the 13th

As an Account Manager at Qumu, I spend a lot of time talking to clients about their messaging, their presentation skills and the look and feel of their video communications. While the content in the message is paramount, the quality of the delivery can play a very important role in how the audience receives and reacts to it.

In my last blog, I talked about how location can impact the quality of your video. In this blog I’d like to take a quick look at the first item in that all-important list, “Lights, Camera, Action”: Lighting.

I can’t stress enough how much lighting matters to recording a good video. The presenter should be well-lit for the video to have impact.

Often it seems like a good idea to place the presenter in front of a window because the view outside is spectacular. Depending on how well-lit the actual room is, this sort of set-up could look great or go horribly wrong.

You may have seen many professional studio recordings with a large window and a spectacular view. The reason this works in professionally recorded videos is that a lighting grid , special darkened windows and professional cameras are used. Don’t try this at home!

When you’re doing desktop recordings, placing your presenter in front of a bright window, without enough light in the room itself, causes silhouettes. You would be surprised how many people make this mistake, do an entire recording like this and then wonder why it doesn’t look good.

Always ensure that the light is on the presenter’s face, rather than behind them. And if this means giving up on a brilliant view from the window, so be it. It’s better to have a dull view than a presenter sitting in the dark!