Last month, Microsoft wrote a blog post called, “The Rise of Dynamic Teams”. In the post, Bryan Goode, senior director of Modern Collaboration at Microsoft, shared Microsoft’s vision of modern collaboration and why Microsoft’s collaboration tools like SharePoint, Skype for Business (formerly Microsoft Lync) and Office365 would be at the center of this vision.

One line stuck out to me, “Where work used to be a solitary pursuit, it’s now a communal one. Today, sharing and collaborating are strategies for getting ahead. People must be able to access, share and discover information in real time to move things forward.

Access to information has never been easier or more important in the modern workplace. The most successful businesses are shifting strategies to give their employees rich, high quality information that helps them to make decisions faster and collaborate better than ever before. And video is at the core of this shift.

Video provides a wealth of information in a succinct package. It’s easy to digest, simple to share and engaging to all kinds of audiences. With enterprise video functionality, delivering live video has given organizations the ability to cross geographic boundaries in real time, while robust search options like Speech Search makes finding the right information in an on-demand video simple and effective.

By integrating video into collaboration tools like SharePoint and Skype for Business, successful organizations are giving their teams the tools they need to thrive and grow in the modern, dynamic workplace.

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