Image credit: Joey Gannon.

Video is clearly a useful resource for businesses, but how do successful organizations make the most of it. Once you make a video, how can you ensure that people see it?

Within an enterprise this can be even more of a challenge. Engaging team members with work-related materials is a critical piece of how satisfied employees feel about their jobs. So how can you offer value with internal video to ensure that not only are people watching, but that they’re ready to share your videos as well?

The answer is shareability—making something people want to share forward.

Shareability isn’t just about making viral videos, though. Making an effort to create videos that are entertaining almost goes without saying. Beyond this, you can plan internal video campaigns that are obviously there to serve your employees, and not the other way around. Rather than asking them for something, offer them something. Host a contest or competition, give highlights from a recent company event, highlight specific departments with recaps of what they’ve been up to, provide video financial updates for stockholders within the company, or just give a big thank you to your team. The rule is, above all, show appreciation while you offer value—this will encourage people to watch, share, and talk about your videos.

To truly facilitate video’s shareability in your organization while still retaining control over sensitive, internal content, it’s important to consider how you will share, manage and deliver that content. An enterprise video platform gives your business the power to create, manage and distribute video content anywhere in your organization securely and without affecting your network. Plus, with a quality enterprise video platform, your employees can view, share and even create their own engaging videos from the video portal or from social business platforms like Microsoft SharePoint, Jive and IBM Connections.

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