Once you’ve determined you want to integrate video into the communications and engagement strategy of your enterprise, how do you decide on specific tactics, and how can you manage the video production process in ways that suit your company’s communications culture?

Obviously there are a range of options when it comes to what you want to achieve with video If you have a specific campaign and key message to focus on from the start, start with studio-oriented video topics—like where to shoot, how to organize the video narrative, and what should be on the script. This will help you target the right audiences, and build a dissemination strategy before you even begin filming.

However, if you are looking to quickly make engaging videos to share internally between team members or departments, make sure your video solution gives you the tools to create video right from your desktop or mobile device. Webcam video, desktop capture and the inclusion of slides or other visual aids are key elements to making a quick and easy video that will get your message across.

Once your videos have been created, it’s equally important that it be managed properly in order to reach maximum effectiveness. This means it should be easy to find and share. An enterprise video platform is an ideal way to bring all of your videos, both live and on demand, into a centralized portal, where your audience can search for and interact with your video content.

Leading enterprise video platforms should have features like Speech Search, which allows users to search through the audio tracks of videos, as well integrations with social business environments like SharePoint, IBM Connections and Jive.

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