Recently, Facebook held their annual F8 Conference, a 2-day event aimed at developers that’s also an opportunity for the company to reveal new features in the works. Video has been a growth area for Facebook in recent years due to a major upswing in online video engagement from the public, so it’s no surprise that video featured in this year’s announcements.

Here’s a quick overview of the video announcements they made:

  • Facebook will now offer videos that can be embedded into other sites.
    This means that videos uploaded directly to Facebook will come with a code that can be used to embed them in other places, similar to YouTube videos.

    The big question: Does this mean you no longer need secure video?

    The answer: No, it doesn’t mean that at all. Facebook is making a move to compete with platforms like YouTube and Vimeo, where access and uploading are supported by advertising (see #3 below). Securely hosted video, along with its other benefits, has the very important one of preventing ads from getting in the way of your content, something that Facebook, as a free social platform, is unlikely to do.

  • 3D video will be supported on Facebook in the near future.
    Facebook acquired 3D visualization company Oculus Rift last year.  This shows further commitment from Facebook toward being a leader in video technology. Not only is video here to stay, it’s growing, changing and driving the way we communicate and develop technology.
  • Mobile advertising will be supported alongside video.
    This relates to the first point above: in order to support its services, Facebook will be investing resources in tailoring advertisements through LiveRail, an ad exchange that fills advertising space within apps and sites based on the highest bids. On Wednesday Facebook announced that they will be supporting more mobile ads in addition to video, and that they will be tapping into user data to determine which ads to show.

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