Friday the 13th

As an Account Manager at Qumu, I spend a lot of time talking to clients about their messaging, their presentation skills and the look and feel of their video communications. While the content in the message is paramount, the quality of the delivery can play a very important role in how the audience receives and reacts to it.

To most people, who are not used to facing the camera or have not had much experience of creating videos, this may seem like a daunting task. But I believe that with some very simple tips, anyone can create a credible video presentation.

In my last blog in this series I talked about how to prepare for a video so everything goes smoothly. Next I’d like to talk about a very important piece of the video puzzle, you know what they say, “Location, Location, Location”!

1. Find a quiet spot to film. Background noise, even if you can’t see the activity in the background, can be distracting – both for the presenter and the audience. Loud banging of doors and people walking past, laughter and conversations do not feel appropriate and are not viewer-friendly.

Also, having too much activity in the background can sometimes be distracting when it’s something like a management presentation to the team, or a message to the client. While an office environment with people walking in the distance can give the background an interesting feel, too much movement will not. That said, a market update video that is done daily from a busy office environment can work because it creates the ambience of a stock trading floor.

So depending on the format and reason for the presentation, the rules can be bent. But in general, quiet and non-busy environment is what you should aim for.

2. The right background can often set the scene for the presentation. Some of our clients use a matte poster to create an illusion of an environment like a skyscraper window or an office desk. This poster is simply stuck to the wall in a position that seems realistic. If you decide to go down this route, do let us know and we can advise you on the image, size, styling and set up of the poster.

On the other hand, some clients decide to bring a bit of branding in by using penguin banners of the company logo placed strategically somewhere in the background.

3. No matter what location you choose, remember to set up in such a way that the corners of your light or AC unit is not on camera. And the corners of picture frames and walls are aligned with the camera’s straight lines.

Recording video doesn’t have to be daunting. Choosing the right location can make all the difference

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