In his book The Innovators, Walter Isaacson talks about how the maker culture often involves “do-it-ourselves rather than do it yourself.”  According to Isaacson, this tradition of resourceful collaboration was key to the invention of the personal computer in the Silicon Valley in the 1970s.

Makers are doers. They band together, share ideas and make things happen. They don’t read directions; they just get it done.

Look around your company and you’ll likely see this dynamic at work.  As timelines compress and initiatives multiply, workers are reaching for whatever works to get things done. When they find something that solves a problem, they quickly share it.

Due to the ready availability of free or near-free technology (yes, there is an app for that), this grass roots corporate agility is accelerating innovation and productivity.  And video is a key enabler.

It’s one thing to find a quick and easy solution to a problem, but quite another to get a team involved. Sharing a vision, agreeing on a common approach and spanning geographically diverse teams is not trivial.  Companies that enable user-generated content give their employees an easy way to bridge these gaps and bring teams together to solve problems.

So just do it.  And use video to do it as a team.