Video is not new to marketing.  Early television shows were basically glorified advertisements, and some of the best commercials have Hollywood-level production values. But video’s role in marketing is changing, from high-end statement to one-on-one communication vehicle.

Video is becoming the content of choice for digital marketing.  As video elbows its way into our daily lives (hello Meerkat & Periscope!), marketers are using it to reach us, engage us and move us to action.

Tracking and scoring engagement with video is key to success.  Did your audience watch your video to the end, or bail out after 5 seconds? Did they replay it, or pass it on to others?

Marketing automation solutions were built with static content in mind. The good news is that with a little effort you can integrate video content into your lead funnel as seamlessly as any other content type.

Download this guide from Qumu for help with making the most of video and marketing automation.