meerkatBy now you’ve probably heard of Meerkat, even if you’re not entirely sure what it is. A live-streaming video app built on top of Twitter, Meerkat is all the rage at SXSW, where it’s being used in a lot of cool ways to live broadcast unpolished and conversation video.

While Meerkat isn’t a platform designed specifically for businesses—it’s definitely more of a social app—we still really like the spirit of it. “People want authenticity,” according to the Meerkat community manager Ryan Cooley. He says community is about allowing for exchange, and video can do that really well. We agree.

The meteoric arrival of Meerkat is just further evidence of what we already knew: that video is becoming more essential for online communications all the time. This is a fact that businesses can’t ignore.

There are a lot of reasons to use “unpolished” video either internally or externally, that feel conversation rather than staged, such as

  • –       Testimonials from customers or employees
  • –       Live webcasts from company events
  • –       Demo of a product or service
  • –       “Behind the scenes” look into your company
  • –       User- or employee-generated content
  • –       Townhall meeting-style communications in the company
  • –       Pitching a new contest or competition
  • –       Giving a shout-out or thank you to employees or customers

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