Thanks to all the enterprise video professionals that joined us in New York City this week for the Qumu Enterprise Video Summit. We were excited to bring together experts from some of the world’s best companies for an interactive exchange both in the room and live around the world.

Here are some takeaways from the event:

The power of live

In response to a question about the value of live broadcasts vs. “safe” on-demand recordings, the resounding consensus from IBM, AT&T and others was that live isn’t for everything, but has huge value for crucial communications, both inside and outside the company. And it’s not just for pre-planned communications; a major bank in the city has a live studio within steps from the CEO so that he can quickly broadcast messages in response to a crisis or other fast-breaking news.

Expanding use cases

A global bank shared how their corporate use of video, already strong, is rapidly expanding to include more and more employees. User generated content was an exploding use case for many companies at the event.

New levels of scale

Charlie Ung from IBM shared how Ginny Rometti is successfully hosting some of the largest internal live broadcasts ever delivered to connect IBM employees globally. IBM is a pioneer in this space, and the examples were tremendous to see.

It’s all about the content

A common thread throughout the day was how to engage audiences, both internally and externally. Gary Keene from Qumu shared examples of how Qumu customers use speed, impact and scale to gain attention and drive action with video.

Integrating with your infrastructure

There were several questions about how to bring video into enterprise platforms like SharePoint and IBM Connections. Will White from AT&T talked about how valuable IBM’s integration with IBM Connections is for their use case. AT&T’s video infrastructure crosses many groups and use cases.

Interactivity engages audiences

Sumit Rai shared future trends for increasing interactivity in video communications, including enhancing interactivity of content accompanying a video feed, allowing a physical audience to participate from their devices and easily switching video inputs during a broadcast.

Video for marketing

A notable change from previous Qumu Summits was the growing discussion of video for external marketing. There were several examples of companies using the same power of video that engages employees to provide a new level of value and exposure to customers and prospects. Integration with marketing automation was singled out as a best practice.

We were honored to host such a great conversation among experts in the field from some of the world’s best companies.

The Enterprise Video Summit is available to watch on-demand. I hope you’ll share your comments on the event.