The studio is just one of many places you can shoot video. Some of the most useful and interesting video is being shot in the field with consumer-grade cameras like GoPros and smartphones.

On the road, at a tradeshow or conference, at an important event, today’s technology allows for shooting quality video, even if you’re on-the-go. Businesses are not the only ones getting in on this trend, though. ABC’s Modern Family this week is entirely shot on mobile devices (iPads and iPhones)– Check it out on Wednesday if you can!

Shooting video from your mobile device can be useful to your organization in many ways:

  • Inexpensive – Without the overhead costs of video cameras, sound equipment and professional editing time–not to mention third-party costs for video production if you don’t do it in-house–this is a good way to cut your video budget to almost nothing.
  • Fast — There are a lot of apps that make shooting and editing a breeze.
  • Mobile — Without the hassle of equipment, you can shoot from anywhere, at anytime, making it easy to capture great content when and where it appears–carpe diem!
  • Accessible — On-the-go video has a friendly, on-the-ground or behind-the-scenes feel, less produced-looking, which can be great for internal video or videos on a fun or documentary-type topic.
  • Teamwork — You can collaborate pretty easily using various apps, so you can ask people on your team to contribute to a video collaboratively.

While taking video creation mobile in your organization can be a benefit, it’s important to consider things like security, upload, management and a host of other issues surrounding mobile video. An enterprise video platform with a robust mobile solution, including mobile capture, editing and upload, is an important piece of any business’s strategy when it comes to mobile video.

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