If you’re in the US, you might just be coming off of a long weekend from President’s Day. You might have also watched the current US President, Barack Obama, in a video produced in affiliation with BuzzFeed. The video, entitled “Things Everybody Does But Doesn’t Talk About” mirrors the daily routine of President Obama with that of an Average Joe, from taking selfies, pretending to be a superstar basketball player and drawing pictures of his crush on a notebook.

The most amazing thing about this video, though, is not that BuzzFeed was able to catch the President using a Selfie Stick, but that the video was created to give viewers information about an upcoming healthcare coverage deadline. More and more, businesses, organizations and even, in this case, the President of the United States are using video as a medium to both entertain and engage.

For most businesses, however, using a public platform like Facebook or YouTube is not an option. Even funny internal videos can contain sensitive information that should not be leaked. So if your organization’s president is following suit with the President of the USA and creating video to communicate with employees, an enterprise video platform is the perfect solution to keep your Comms and IT teams from sarcastically saying, “Thanks Obama”