A mid-sized company on the growth track is using video to streamline their hiring process. All applicants are required to submit a video answering a series of ten questions. The videos are then routed to the hiring manager who reviews each video. Based on this review, a small number of candidates are invited to an interview.

This “first impression video” not only streamlines the interview process but it sends a clear message to applicants that this company is not just forward thinking, it is leading the charge.

There are many ways that companies can choose to deal with video in this way. For instance, a company could have potential hires send video through email, or they could have them upload the videos to YouTube. However, both of these options provide difficulties.

Emailing a video was, for a long time, the only way to get video from one person to another if they were not on the same internal network. Most companies have abandoned this practice because the large filesizes of most videos make it difficult to send without dragging on the network.

That’s why most people turn to YouTube to send videos. Streaming video from a centralized location is much easier on your network than sending individual videos through email. Also YouTube is easy to search, making it easy to find the information you need when you need it.

But for businesses, information can be sensitive. Even in the interview process, important, internal information can be discussed. Also, it’s difficult to keep interview videos organized, separate and secret so that only the right people have access to the videos at all times. In this sense, YouTube is not enough.

Some of the worlds largest organizations are solving this issue by implementing an enterprise video platform. With an enterprise video platform you can upload, share and control video from a centralized location on your network. This gives applicants the ability to record and upload even more easily than with YouTube, and businesses a safe, secure and network-friendly way to organize, manage and view videos all from a centralized portal.