In a recent survey by Alive With Ideas, 69% of internal communicators are actively using video to connect to and engage with the employees in their organization. Of that 69%, however, over HALF feel that creativity is missing within their comms videos. That’s a lot.

But why? Surely if these comms folk see a lack of creativity in their videos they can just tell their video guys to loosen up and get more creative, right? Not so fast.

Most internal communicators get their video content from three places:

  1. External production companies. These are where the most “creative” videos come from, since that’s the bread and butter of a production company. However that creativity comes with a cost, not only a monetary cost, but also production companies can have slow turnaround time and obviously are not as plugged in to the messaging that comms people need to keep employees on the right track and fired up.
  2. In-house teams. With an in-house team, you get faster turnaround time at a better price and, hopefully, a message that is in line with your business, branding and tone, but this is where creativity suffers. Most in-house teams focus on capturing video instead of creating video. You find many in-house teams are mostly focused on high-scale events like meeting recordings, townhalls and executive addresses.
  3. Employee Generated Content (EGC). EGC can be great, and more and more businesses are using EGC as a new and engaging way to connect with their employees. Creative employees with a camera and a little bit of know-how can give you interesting, fun and surprisingly high quality videos to share with coworkers. But, just like the other options, EGC is just as difficult to make creative, fun and quality. So ultimately, relying on EGC for your internal comms content isn’t a sustainable move.

So what can you do about it?

Many businesses are choosing to contact consultants with expertise in the video industry. These consultants can assess the state of video in your business and give you a roadmap to increase your video acumen and creativity. By bringing a video consultant in to check out how your organization creates, shares and manages video you can save yourself and your team time and energy while actually improving the quality and creativity of your videos.

But let’s say you’ve got a big event coming up and you don’t have time to connect with a consultant? Hiring live event services can give your next video event a higher standard of quality without paying for the full package of a production company. As an added bonus, your internal video team can work with the live event service team to learn new ways of upping the production quality of videos they make in the future.

So the next time you feel the need for creativity in your videos, make sure you keep video consultants and live event services in mind.