In one of its predictions for 2015, Aragon Research stated that due to growing demand, video will evolve from a capability available to a few within an organization to a much more widespread and democratized method of communication.

Here is Aragon’s specific thought:

“By YE 2015, non-specialist staff will do more than 50 percent of enterprise video creation and editing, using a new generation of easy-to-use authoring and editing tools. The demand for video is unstoppable, as users of all ages realize that it is the fastest, most effective way to share knowledge and information. The challenge has been making it faster and easier to create compelling video content. New tools and higher skills are helping to meet that challenge.“

As noted, Aragon believes, as we do, that video content creation will become much easier and more widely available. Given the growing range of use cases within most organizations, this appears to be the case. These are ranging from traditional formal broadcasts to less formal sales and product updates, field enablement, regular conversations with partners and customers, and knowledge or experience capture. In short, organizations are fast realizing that they simply must be able to capture, share, and communicate using the power and precision of video.

However, Aragon goes on to name a few of the providers and capabilities that will help make this a reality:

“The video movement started with consumers and is now quickly moving into the enterprise. Many workers now have experience making recreational videos at home, and a new generation of authoring products from Apple, Adobe, PlayerLync, Qumu and others makes it much easier for non-specialists to create video.”

It’s our goal to give organizations the tools they need to to create, consume, and deliver video to their constituents as easily as a consumer would do so with YouTube or Facebook. However, organizations have a multitude of requirements for security, governance, and high performance delivery of video and video-integrated content. This is where our full suite of enterprise functionality comes in.

We also understand that many organizations will consume or deliver video in the context of key applications that drive internal efficiency and collaboration or manage marketing, sales, and communications with customers. We applaud Aragon Research for its foresight and we look forward to making this prediction a global reality in 2015.