Most of the world’s biggest companies are using video to connect to their employees. Whether it’s between teams, from the CEO to everyone on the global network or even simply between colleagues, video is an effective way to keep people in your organization informed and engaged.

But getting people to actually watch videos on your internal network is not as easy as flipping a switch. Here are five reasons why nobody in your organization is watching your video:

1)      They can’t find it. – Just because you make a video, doesn’t mean other people are going to stumble across it. Make sure that you’re putting your videos in a highly visible place so employees are aware that new video content is available. Better yet, use an enterprise video platform to host and manage your video content so members of your organization always know where to look to find new video content.

2)      It’s boring. – This may sound harsh, but video is an actively engaging medium and requires a little input from the creator. Simply posting a video with a static image and a person talking doesn’t make for great cinema. Even adding a few slides and a webcam or desktop capture can spruce up an otherwise yawn-inducing video. Bonus points for coming up with creative ways to introduce your topics.

3)      Subpar search. – Even the best videos are impossible to locate if you can’t search for them. Take advantage of automated metadata creation through an enterprise video portal to make sure that your videos are well organized and easy to search for. Using extra tags in the descriptions make videos easier to find and thereby easier to watch. Leading enterprise video platforms will also have Speech Search, a utility that searches through the audio tracks of video for spoken words, so even if a topic isn’t covered in the title or metadata, employees can still find it.

4)      You didn’t tell anyone. – You’d be surprised to find out how many people create and upload videos without completing the final step. Tell somebody who cares! Letting team members know that new and useful video content is available to them is a surefire way to not only gain views but also drive social sharing and communication between coworkers.

5)      They can’t watch it how they want to watch it. – In this day and age, almost anything with a screen can play video. Make sure people in your organization can watch your video with the device that makes them the most comfortable. Delivering video to mobile devices can be tricky, though, so make sure to choose an enterprise video platform that has robust mobile delivery options so you can connect to everyone on your network and make watching videos easy.

Building a video culture in your business doesn’t happen overnight. Make sure you’re making it easy for your employees to watch and share video throughout your organization and watch as video revolutionizes the way your business communicates.