This week AdAge highlighted seven B-2-B marketing trends for 2015, and the general theme was counter to the current buzz about automation and Big Data.

What’s new this year: getting personal.  And what’s more personal than video?


Business customers are just as drawn to a good story as are consumers.  And storytelling  is in video’s DNA.  That’s why more and more businesses are using video in their business marketing campaigns.

Less data, more emotions

Emotion sells now more than ever because so much of business is about the numbers. Video can cut through the noise in business marketing precisely because it’s so different than data.

Shareable content

With the mainstreaming of YouTube and video consumption, videos are frequently shared, even in a business setting.  Video can deliver complex messages often found in business better than other content as well.


Businesses are made up of people, and people are consumers. The growth of video consumption in our personal lives is opening the door for marketers to use video to increase interaction and engage their customers at a deeper level.

Connecting technologies

Marketers are bringing together all of their disparate technologies to create a seamless, trackable experience for their customers. Video is one of those technologies, and video platforms like those from Qumu allow video to be integrated into Marketing Automation platforms to track video engagement as part of integrated marketing campaigns.

B-2B marketing is getting more personal in 2015, and video will play a key role for progressive marketers.