Qumu customers make a big investment in the Qumu product and are often concerned about user adoption. Existing customers have shared creative approaches to user adoption of Qumu VCC Employee Generated Content (EGC) features that I would like to pass along.

A large east coast customer created an “I Love This Company” Channel for their internal Qumu Viewer Portal. The marketing team used a video to kick off a contest open to all employees. Employees were encouraged to make a creative video demonstrating how much they love the company and post it using EGC. A panel of judges determined winners of substantial gift certificates. The campaign was a huge success with hundreds of videos being created and uploaded. The judges had a tough decision.

This approach is a non-threatening way to encourage first time use of video and the Qumu EGC features. In addition it provided some great testimonies related to employee longevity. The Human Resources team pulled quotes from the submitted videos to attract new candidates to the organization. Plus it was fun to see how creative the employees were with their submissions.

Another Qumu customer took a similar contest one step further by judging based on how many views and “likes” each video received.  This additional step engaged the viewers in the process furthering the path of user adoption.

It goes to show, a little creativity and incentive is a great way to boost user adoption.