Movie Icon: Email

When people have an important message to share within their company, most turn to email today. But is that the best choice? It tends to be the easiest option, but it can can get lost in the noise. And words on a page don’t provide the nuanced meaning that face to face communications can.

Video is a more powerful communication tool than email. It will improve collaboration and make your team more productive because it more closely resembles in-person communication.  Here are five ways to make it as easy to use as email in your company:

1. Simple creation tools

We all know how easy it is to record a video on our smartphones. Today’s video technology allows users to similarly create and send a video from their work PC, laptop or phone in less time that it takes to compose a lengthy email.  Solutions like Qumu’s Content Creator automatically integrate PowerPoint slides and PDF images that tell an even richer story.

2. “Smart” video players

To be easy to use, video needs to be easy to find. Today’s video platforms allow users to create a video widget on a web page that will automatically display the newest version of a video series – no coding required. Links to videos can be quickly sent via email for easy access.

3. Search for words inside of videos

Speech Search makes finding an important thought across thousands of videos faster than finding it in a similar number of emails.  Speech Search finds more than just the video; it finds the exact point in the video where the word or phrase was spoken.

4. Integration with existing platforms

If your company uses SharePoint for your intranet, then your videos should be create-able and view-able from SharePoint pages. If Jive powers your collaboration, video should be part of that experience.  Integrate video into the applications where your team already conducts its business and you will see video adoption increase.