I’m a big NFL fan. On Sundays my family usually watches the Vikings game an hour or two late so we can skip commercials (thank you Tivo!).  Because of this, we have initiated a communications blackout until the game is over. If a phone rings during the game, the rule is, “Don’t answer it – they’re calling from the future!”

Going “back in time” with video is now commonplace for consumers, but it’s also an effective productivity tool for business.  Here are five ways to use time travel with video content to increase the productivity of your organization:

  1. Executive Communications – Company leaders often share important company news live to employees via video. But not everyone can be available at that moment to watch, and global companies have employees spread “around the clock”. Offering a recording of the live event immediately after it is broadcast increases the reach of your communications across time and geography.
  2. Collaboration – Meetings play a central role for any collaborative team, and video conferencing extends meetings to the next level. But why stop there? By archiving recordings of meetings and making them searchable, companies create an invaluable content archive for recalling important insights, or sharing important history with new team members.
  3. Training – Gone are the days of classroom-centric training curricula.  Recording training sessions – whether they are conducted in-person or online – multiplies their value for current and future learners.
  4. Knowledge Transfer – The accumulated knowledge of an aging employee base is a terrible thing to waste.  Because video is such a rich and engaging medium, experts in every field and discipline can share their experience with much more depth via video than they can via traditional documentation.  These assets can be easily searched so the new generation can find important knowledge “needles” in the content “haystack”.
  5. Employee Onboarding – Likewise, Human Resources can use video to capture the nuances of what it means to be a part of your company’s culture – as well as essential factual and compliance-driven information – to get new employees onboarded faster and more effectively.

Sadly, so far there is no way to use video to travel forward in time.  Stay tuned – who knows what tomorrow will bring?