Black Friday has come and gone, but the tide of Christmas shoppers has just begun to come in for retail workers. This past Black Friday, Scot, an employee at a Target store in Westminster, Maryland, delivered an inspiring speech to his fellow Black Friday coworkers. The speech, takes cues from such rousing cinematic oratory as Braveheart, 300, and, of course, Game of Thrones

“Whatever comes through those gates, you will stand your ground with a smile on your face. They come here with bargains in their heads and fire in their eyes and we shall give those bargains to them.” Said Scot, getting his fellow employees pumped up for the madness of Black Friday.

But his inspiring words didn’t just stay in the store. A fellow employee of Scot’s captured the speech on his smartphone and uploaded it to YouTube, where it currently has over 3 million views.

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