This guy could do a fraction of what your execs can do with their phones.

This guy could only do a fraction of what your executives can do just using their phones.

Sixty percent of companies that are internally creating and using video are deploying that video on mobile devices. That number is going to grow as both video and mobile devices become more pervasive in organizations.

In this Wall Street Journal article about Starwood’s Frits van Paaschen, the author observes that since van Paaschen spends most of his time traveling and attending meetings, the transition to becoming a fully mobile executive was easy. For these same reasons, video is going to be invaluable to the next generation executive.

Here are four ways video and mobile are going to benefit executives and drive video adoption in the enterprise:

1)      Webcasting All-Hands Meetings – Executives are responsible for communicating the course of the business to all employees. For executives of large companies with a distributed workforce, webcasting is an invaluable asset to reaching every employee in a personal and direct medium.

2)      Mobile Approval Workflows – In the article on van Paaschen, he mentions that one of the reasons mobile is easy for him is that he spends much of his time reviewing documents that others have created. As video becomes more prevalent, having a secure mobile app with built-in approval workflows will be an important part of the executive’s approval process.

3)      Information Access – An executive relies on having information at his or her fingertips. To that end, video and mobile can combine to allow executives to watch live videos of events, review recent video events via on-demand video as well as search through both metadata as well as spoken words of all videos on an enterprise video platform to get the right information, right away.

4)      Capture and Upload – Frequently, executives are on the move. That means when inspiration strikes or immediate communication is necessary, their mobile device can serve as a perfect tool to capture that inspiration or send out important communications to employees. Securely and instantly being able to record and upload video from anywhere will become a new part of the mobile executive’s toolbox.

While mobile video is already being used by executives and companies all over the world, it’s important to consider aspects such as security, delivery, content management and many others before implementing mobile video in your business.

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