Cue the “Psycho” theme. Your company’s productivity levels are six feet under.

But all is not lost. Here are five ways video can strap your organization’s effectiveness on to Dr. Frankenstein’s table and give it a jolt to bring it back to life:

1)      Stay out of the Dark – Did you know that over half of retail employees feel “in the dark” about company strategy? That’s not exclusive to the retail industry.  Executive webcasts can keep your employee base focused on the most important messages without spending time treading water or working on unimportant projects.

2)      Night of the Living Webcast – If you’ve got a distributed workforce, sometimes it’s difficult for all employees to catch a live webcast at the same time. Give employees the ability to watch webcasts at a convenient time to ensure all employees will watch, and absorb the messaging in the webcast to the fullest extent.

3)      The Evil Dead (Metadata) – Content ingestion can be a scary place. One missed metadata field can leave your important video content in limbo forever. Enterprise-grade video platforms should provide ways to find specific information on video even without metadata. Functionality like Speech Search enables users to search for the spoken words in all videos on the platform, as well as the location of those words within individual videos so employees can get right to the point.

4)      The Cabin in the Woods – The world has gone mobile, employees expect to be able to work from anywhere at any time. Video is a perfect medium for the mobile environment, it conveys information quickly and simply to give viewers the maximum amount of impact in the shortest amount of time. And even if you’re working from a “Cabin in the Woods” watching video through your enterprise video app will enable employees to securely watch videos, even offline.

5)      Let the Right One In – Sharing large files like videos on your corporate network can be a horror story of its own. With intelligent routing and custom-fit cloud, native or hybrid-cloud deployments, the network will remain open, and your employees can watch, share and create videos to keep them connected and productive.

Businesses all over the world are using video to slash time-to-knowledge and re-animate their teams’ productivity levels. Don’t let your employees ability to execute shamble along like a zombie, find out how an enterprise video platform can have your employees shouting, “It’s Alive!”