Video has been expanding within organizations, despite the significant effort required to make it work effectively. It can be difficult to create, hard to manage, and a challenge to get into the hands and onto the screens of your audience.

All that is changing, and in a big way. ¬†At Qumu we see a dramatic shift underway in how video is being used in everyday business. It’s changing the game for internal communicators and marketers alike in engaging their audiences.

Come join us in Redwood City, CA on November 6 to explore the new possibilities of video at the Qumu Video Summit. Phil Karcher from Forrester will share his perspective, and we’ll share the new-generation tools – like Qumu Cloud – that are making video more accessible for every organization.

If you can’t join in person, I hope you’ll join the live stream of the event, courtesy of Qumu Cloud.

See you there!

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