If you’re over 30, take a minute and think about how business communications have changed over the past ten years.

I remember getting too much email – some things never change! But I also remember more frequent face-to-face conversations and phone calls, and more defined “work time” during which I was able to work with people in person to get things done.

Work is different now.  Big Data comes to each of us from all directions at all times. Communications are often reduced to a half dozen words in a text. Everything is moving faster and less sequentially.

One of the reasons video is exploding as a communications and collaboration tool for business is that it brings some of that richness back to our interactions. It’s easy to forget that 90% of communication is visual. ┬áJust as a picture paints a thousand words, a video adds depth and nuanced meaning that can’t be matched by anything short of being there in person. Video makes communications human again.

We are excited to announce the new Qumu Cloud – a simple way to add video strategically to your business. It allows you to get people talking again – employees, partners, and clients. And with the right tools, video can do this in a way that accelerates the transfer of information and makes your organization even more agile.

Make your communications richer with video and be ready for an even faster world.

Learn more about the new Qumu Cloud.