At Qumu we are focused on making video function across an organization, and we’re proud to be trusted by so many enterprises to do just that.

But our mission goes beyond the bits and bytes, speeds and feeds.  We want to make video work as a connector for all the people that matter to your organization, both within and without. We want to make business communication more human, despite the distance and distraction that is the reality of today’s business world.

To that end, we’re very excited about our news today: Kulu Valley is now part of Qumu, bringing exceptional content creation technology, pure web capabilities, and a talented team into our organization. With Kulu Valley on board, we’ll make video even easier and more ubiquitous within organizations everywhere.

And we’re not wasting any time.  Starting today, Kulu Valley is now Qumu Cloud.  Stay tuned for details on how we’ll bring together the strengths of both companies in the near future.

You can learn more about Qumu Cloud in our data sheet or try it for free with your next event.

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