It’s probably no surprise that mobile use in the enterprise is accelerating. A recent study by Wainhouse confirmed the extent of this rapid shift, but also highlighted a significant parallel trend: the growth of video usage on those mobile devices by organizations everywhere.

  •  72% of companies said mobile was near the top of their shopping list when choosing a video solution
  • Six out of ten companies creating video deploy it on mobile devices
  • Half of businesses have deployed or plan to deploy a video platform for their employees

Another significant data point: three out of four employees under 40 watch video on their mobile phones. The Millennials are coming, and they will be rocking your enterprise communication world – if they haven’t already.

Fortunately deploying enterprise-wide video solutions is getting easier. Solutions like those from Qumu plug into your current mobile infrastructure, making it video-ready. Why create yet another portal or platform when you can add video to what your employees are using today?

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