Video is a universal medium. Companies all over the world are using video to communicate with their employees. Perhaps more importantly, many of those companies are beginning to use video to connect to offices in other parts of the world, bringing global businesses closer than ever before.

We recently announced Qumu Japan Co., Ltd as our Asia-Pacific business hub to increase our presence and growth in Japan and the Asia Pacific region. Just as enterprises all over the world run into similar issues of connecting and engaging a distributed workforce, video is a universal tool to make enterprise-wide communication easy for everyone on any level of the company.

Takahiko Kouketsu, Head of IT Strategy at Fujitsu said, “We made the decision to adopt Qumu over several video solution system candidates because of its expertise in large-scale live broadcasting, their cutting edge technologies including video Speech Search, and compatibility with our internal management systems and portal. We are committed to transforming the Fujitsu work style with enhanced access to information via the enterprise video platform. Our use cases include large-scale live broadcasting and internal training across the group companies, as well as using it as our intra-company global communication system.”

Qumu supports many businesses with a global footprint. Users at individual locations within those businesses can use Qumu in the language that makes them feel most comfortable while still interacting with coworkers around the globe. The Qumu platform is currently translated into over 10 languages and will add more in the future.

We would like to congratulate our Qumu Japan team on a successful launch and we’re looking forward to showing more businesses in Japan and the Asia Pacific region how business does video.