The iPhone 6 has a bigger screen. Even though it meant eating a little humble pie from Samsung in the “bigger is better” debate, Apple has upped the screen size on their new iPhone to 4.7 and 5.5 inches.

The obvious benefit of a bigger screen is that whatever is on that screen will be easier to see. But behind that benefit is a larger idea. Mobile phones are no longer just phones, we’re using them to read, write and watch in our daily lives and in our work. The switch to a larger screen means that Apple understands that mobile devices are a tool that an increasing amount of people are using for much more than phonecalls and texts.

Clearly, video is a big part of this shift. Open any social media app and you’re bound to run into a video before long. Using the new iPhone, those videos will be clearer, easier to watch and in higher quality than before. Businesses are jumping onboard with video as well. Business videos for training instruction or product updates are easy to watch on-the-go via mobile device, making for a faster, smarter and more informed workforce.

But watching isn’t all you can do with video. Another benefit of a larger screen in the iPhone six is that employees who are creating video have a larger viewscreen to use when capturing useful employee-generated content (EGC). This means better videos created by everyone, driving more social sharing of videos throughout your organization’s internal network.

A bigger screen means big things for the future of enterprise video.

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