case study

Video is transforming the way companies communicate and collaborate. For a large global communications company, implementing video as a strategic platform within their company’s 27 local markets required a significant investment of both time and resources.

How did the IT and Communications teams get the green light for such a project?  They took the time and energy to define what success would look like, and sold this opportunity to the company.

Here are the pillars of their business case:

  1. Expand the reach of video.  They had already been using video within the company and knew its ability to engage and empower their teams. But they were reaching just a fraction of employees, and doing it with several disparate systems.
  2. Create a consistent video experience. To make video really work as a communication tool, it needed to work within their enterprise environment the same everywhere.
  3. Reduce email traffic. This one might surprise you, but they believed that with the right tools, employees would choose to create videos instead of emails to communicate.

Their outcome-based business case won the day. The video platform was deployed.  And they have started to check off their list of desired outcomes as complete:

  • Every one of their 27 local markets can be reached with video. The previous solution only allowed them to reach 12.
  • Within those markets, the company can reach almost every single person, when they used to be able to only reach a portion of those employees.
  • Video can be accessed on any PC or mobile device on the global corporate network, the prior solution had no mobile access at all.
  • Access to video was once limited to separate internal and external distribution, now they have consolidated their video solution to be available to both internal and external networks.

With the success they’ve seen so far in their global video implementation, they are well on their way to achieving their email goal. Their 3rd goal is their most challenging, but I can’t think of a better metric for video adoption!