web conf

We all know the painful reality of web conferencing. Think of the collective person-hours wasted by those Technology Moments that can suck 10 minutes or more out of meetings. There are ways to minimize this waste, but it still adds up for most companies.

Don’t get me wrong – web conferencing is extremely valuable. That’s validated by the ubiquity of its use in the business world.  So it’s worth looking for ways to make it work better.

One of the most overlooked methods to reduce the inefficiency of web conferencing is to limit its use to what it is designed to do best: real-time interactive meetings.

Think about the meetings on your calendar for next week. How many of them benefit from back and forth conversations within the call? I think you might find that there are many that are more focused on sharing information or ideas than interactive discussion.

When you need to transfer knowledge, consider publishing a video instead of hosting a meeting.  Video allow you to get to the point and share what’s useful, without spending a lot of time on what people did over the weekend (again) – and without a Technology Moment for everyone involved. You can share your information in less time, and at the same time allow your audience to absorb the content on their schedule. Interactivity is there via comments, ratings and other collaborative tools.

Actually, today’s video technology allows you to get the best of both worlds. Video platforms and portals can be integrated with your web conferencing solution so that any meeting can be recorded and made available on-demand for those that couldn’t attend live. It also creates a significant organizational archive that can be searched over time for specific business-relevant knowledge.

Web conferencing is a powerful tool.  Use it when its valuable, and consider adding video to your productivity toolkit to free up everyone’s valuable time and simplify the sharing of ideas across your organization.

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