Did you know one in four executives watch at least one video related to their business every day?

Or that three out of four want their organizations to continue to expand video use in the future?

Video in the enterprise is accelerating. In a new white paper by Wainhouse Research, five factors are outlined as driving this shift.

1)      Mobile – Employees want to use their mobile devices for work. Smart companies are taking advantage of the fact that video is ubiquitous on mobile devices. Almost a quarter of businesses have already enabled video distribution to mobile devices and more are planning to implement soon.

2)      Employee Generated Content (EGC) – Once upon a time it took a lot of work and money to create a video. Now, almost anyone can create a video with a webcam and little else. More than half of respondents said they have access to a camera at their workspace that can capture video. It’s easy to create and share videos at the workplace to communicate faster and better.

3)      Engagement – Video is interesting, it draws the viewer in and can entertain and inform at the same time. Businesses are realizing the potential of video to create more connected and engaged employees.

4)      Integration – Many successful businesses are using other communications solutions to connect their employees and teams. An enterprise video platform that is able to integrate with those existing solutions can enrich and build out better ways for employees to learn and communicate in the enterprise.

5)      Security – Internal communication needs to be secure. In the past, many video sharing options offered less than optimal security for companies. Now enterprise video platforms are developing robust and flexible security for an organization’s sensitive video content.


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