Video is content and needs to be treated as such.

For enterprises, that means (among other things) content management.  What systems, platforms, processes, workflows and safeguards have you invested in to manage and leverage your content in your business? Are all of these investments and protections in place for your video too?

One example: SOC-2 compliance.  SOC-2 stands for Service Organization Control 2, and SOC-2 compliance validates that an organization has passed a security audit that included a stringent evaluation of all of their relevant processes, procedures and controls for data protection and availability.

You may not have heard of SOC-2 unless you’re in a regulated industry, but it’s becoming increasingly relevant to other businesses as their information gains importance and sensitivity.  We’ve all heard the nightmare stories of compromised customer information.

But SOC-2 compliance isn’t just for personal information.

Qumu has successfully completed SOC-2 Type 2 compliance – an achievement that required significant effort and persistent dedication by internal teams and independent auditor NDB LLP Accountants & Consultants.

We did this because video is just as important and potentially as sensitive as any other content type for many of our customers. Qumu’s SOC-2 compliance gives them added assurance that their videos will remain secure, available and confidential.

Look at most any part of your content infrastructure and you’ll see video now joining the party. Are you managing it with the same rigor as your other content types? If not, you may be exposing yourself to unnecessary risk.