Jamie Pent spent much of her first day of work flying from Washington DC to Ethiopia. Within 48 hours she had produced this video, a touching, heartwarming story about a young girl whose last wish was to provide water to underprivileged people in Africa.

Rachel’s Wish from charity: water on Vimeo.

PR Daily interviewed Jamie about the production of this video. Here are five takeaways from that interview:

1)      “People are inspired by other people.” – Beyond the written word, a phone call or a post on social media, video connects because it reflects the real world and the people who live in it. That ability to show what’s happening gives video the power to engage like no other medium.

2)      “I literally ended up editing all the way through the night.” – Jamie shot and edited Rachel’s Wish in a short period of time, even making some of the cuts in the back seat of a car on the way to the hotel. Video is no longer relegated to huge cameras and enormous editing bays. Now that video is portable, it’s possible to capture situations and people on camera and share that footage with anyone, no matter where you are.

3)      “We didn’t do any huge push, it happened kind of naturally.” – Not only is video portable, it’s shareable and easy to consume. Within the first month of going live, Rachel’s Wish received over 500,000 views. Video is a perfect way to share information quickly and easily.

4)      “People’s attention spans are extremely short, and they’re getting shorter.” – It’s a busy world. People are looking for ways to get informed quickly and use that information to keep up with the information age. Video is both eye-catching and can hold people’s attention as well as able to deliver a large amount of information in a short span of time by showing instead of telling.

5)      “Everyone has a story. Every single person has a different perspective.” – Video democratizes communication. It gives anyone with a camera the ability to not only tell their story, but share it, and save it for years to come. Video can cross boundaries and connect people who otherwise would never have come into contact. This brings the world closer together and takes information further than it has ever gone before.

Video is bringing the world closer every day. By bringing new elements to the way people communicate, video is making it possible to learn faster, work smarter and connect better than ever before. Jamie Pent learned this by bringing the story of a little girl’s last wish to the world and helped that girl to fulfil that wish more than she could have ever dreamed.