SharePoint is a great place to watch video, but when it comes to management, a video platform should do the heavy lifting.

Microsoft SharePoint is a key collaboration tool that helps employees around the world find and share knowledge and information within a single, streamlined space. As video becomes a preferred medium for recording, storing and sharing information, it’s no wonder that companies are wanting to watch videos from within the SharePoint environment. With a growing demand for videos of all types and sizes to be delivered to all kinds of devices, many businesses are realizing the limitations of SharePoint’s native video management features.

In our recent webinar, “Opening New Doors with SharePoint, Lync and Video,” Qumu’s David Yockelson and Steve Poyer present an insightful look at how to take full advantage of Microsoft’s suite of social and unified communications solutions with video.

Watch the full webinar and learn how to revolutionize your company’s communications with Sharepoint, Lync and Video.