Employees all have smartphones. Now what?

David Lavendra is so right – enterprises have invested billions in equipping their employees with mobile devices, and so far all they’re using them for is email, calendaring and messaging. Convenient yes, but not the ROI needed to justify these investments.

The potential for mobile to increase worker productivity is there.  Employers can take mobile to what Gartner calls the “second tier of value” by focusing on two things: content and security.


The obvious and easiest path here, as Lavendra points out, is to enable employees to share documents on their mobile devices – and there are lots of companies vying for leadership in this space. Sharing documents is a good thing; it will help mobile users achieve desktop parity.

But is that enough?

Mobile investments aren’t embarked upon to enable businesses to tread water.  Mobile work is a new paradigm, and merely replicating what employees can do at their desk is a waste of resources.

Adding the ability to create and share video content on mobile devices makes them superior productivity tools compared to the desktop. Employees can collaborate and absorb knowledge better and faster with video-enabled mobile devices:

  • Video overcomes the screen and keyboard limitations of text
  • Employees can use video to record what’s happening as it happens
  • Video communicates complex ideas faster and deeper than the written word


Content is the first step; to make this work, mobile devices must be made secure for consuming and sharing both documents and videos.  Fortunately MDM technology has arrived at just the right time to enable this.  Companies like Good Technology and MobileIron are certifying mobile applications to work within their platforms to secure both documents and video.

Take your mobile investments to the next level by giving your employees the ability to create and use secure content – both documents and video – on their mobile devices. You will be amazed at the new things they will be able to do.

Download the Qumu for Good secure mobile video app.