IBM blog video

Social Business is a powerful approach for enterprises everywhere, accelerating and enlivening organizations from the bottom up. And what is more social than video?

Rebecca Cavagnari’s recent post on IBM’s Social Insights blog talks about how video, integrated within all of a company’s communication and collaboration platforms, can take Social Business to a higher level.

In the post is a video (of course!) of Andy Warzecha, VP of Strategy in the IBM Software Group, and Jeff Schick, VP of Social Business for IBM, sharing with Qumu GM Vern Hanzlik their observations of how video is merging into Social Business everywhere.

And while video engages people like no other content format, it has traditionally been very difficult to manage and distribute at scale.

But that’s changing. New technologies like Qumu’s Video Control Center and VideoNet Edge enable IT to bring video into all of a corporation’s platforms and out to every employee.

Check it out!