At Qumu, we’re interested in providing organizations with a “video dial tone” – the ability to create, manage, and deliver high quality, business critical video to an organization’s employees, partners, and customers in a seamless manner. Seamless for us means that video is delivered in business and application context, as easy to work with relative to search, tagging, and viewing as documents or e-mail. For organizations, it means new ways of thinking about including video in every day work, whether that’s regular broadcasts of key information about products or services, sharing customer stories, a quick clip with hints about success in the workplace, or employee idea contribution.

However you slice it, video adds personality, depth, and enhanced cognition to workplace communications, particularly among today’s widely distributed global workforce.
In a webinar about the digital workplace today, Gartner espoused an architecture that, among other elements, included real time communications with video as a key pillar. Further, Gartner went on to say that HR – and by extension, corporate communications – can and should make important contributions to the digital workplace, including the provision of learning opportunities, recognition of value, and espousing the “commonality of mission,” essentially having employees feel as though they are working toward a common goal. Each of those components, it turns out, is perfect for video and are easily facilitated by a video dial tone that enables users anyplace to create and contribute based upon their roles and permissions. Both formal and informal video contribution are thus available, and employees can stream content appropriate to their context, which for them means within their chosen social environments and portals and to their favorite endpoints. Qumu makes this a reality by architecting and delivering business video without impacting the enterprise network, so any combination of live or recorded broadcast, stored video content, or employee created clip can be shared with no performance penalties.

The technology is available today for you to create your own video dial tone in your organization. Chances are you haven’t even begun to realize all the ways that video can add value to your employee, partner, and customer interactions, and we haven’t either! But we’re happy to help you think through all the ways to get there.