We recently talked about how the World Cup, one of the most-watched worldwide sporting events, has CDN and video streaming providers watching for server overload around the clock. Mere days after we posted, ESPN’s online streaming service, WatchESPN, peaked at 1.7 million concurrent users during the USA and Germany game, causing the stream to crash, leaving many US World Cup fans in the dark.

While ESPN was able to rectify the streaming issues before the end of the first half of the game, they were clearly unprepared for the amount of network congestion they were going to receive.  Now, faced with today’s USA game against Belgium, ESPN will hopefully be prepared to deliver live streams of the game to the phones, laptops and mobile devices of expectant fans across the US.

Even though your business will probably not be sending 1.7 million concurrent streams of an Executive Webcast or employee training session, your content is just as important to your viewers even if they aren’t dressed like this or this. Having a robust streaming solution is critical to making video a success in your organization.

But, as ESPN has just realized, having the tools is only one part of the equation. Bringing video streaming experts in to ensure that your video delivery architecture is ready to meet the demands of your audience is also a crucial piece of making your live streamed events a success.

We’re guessing that ESPN is going to be well prepared for the next spike in streaming traffic. Can you say the same about your webcasting platform?