For the most recent episode of How Business Does Video, Vern spoke with Andy Warzecha, Vice President of Strategy in the IBM software group. Although we gave you a short clip of Vern and Andy’s interview in the most recent How Business Does Video, we’d like to present the full interview here.

In the interview, Andy talks about how IBM is working to create industry-leading social business software by striving to become the best, most socially involved business. A large part of that social infrastructure is driven by video. Internally, IBM is using video both as a top-down executive mass communication tool, as well as a bottom-up, team-focused medium to share ideas and inspiration between coworkers.

He also discussed the future of the social business, hiring younger people who are already accustomed to using video as a medium to quickly and efficiently connect with their peers. This cultural shift will drive video usage within the enterprise and change the way businesses communicate with their employees, partners and customers as well as from executives to the organization as a whole.