NY Summit 2

Last week we held our Qumu Customer Summit in New York City.  It was a great day of sharing enterprise video best practices among a diverse group of Qumu customers and partners.

While the feedback from attendees was very positive in general, the best sessions were those led by our customers. Enterprise video is not simple, nor is it as easy as we’d all like it to be. It was rewarding to see these experts collaborating on challenges and solutions.

I heard several common themes across the presentations and one-on-one conversations:

Live broadcasting is hard

Yes, this is obvious to anyone working on enterprise video. But it was clear from our day together that global executive-level live events are the epitome of high risk/high reward. And yet more and more companies are taking the risk! The amazing thing to me was how many of our customers are able to consistently succeed, despite so many uncontrolled variables.  It’s a tribute to their discipline and skill.

The network makes or breaks video

There were multiple conversations about how to configure networks and video streams to get the most video through a fixed resource – and still meet user experience goals. This seems to be where the rubber meets the road for companies – an important element of a successful broadcast or video portal.  Most companies were on a journey between on-premise, cloud and hybrid deployments.

Consumers are driving requirements

Several attendees spoke about how their users are expecting the same experience at work with video that they experience at home. Whether it’s mobile access, on-demand viewing or social interaction, users are voting for and getting these capabilities in their companies’ video solutions. Why? Because adoption means engagement, and that’s what’s driving businesses to invest in almost every video initiative.

Mobile is no longer an option

In the not-too-distant past we heard a lot about the option of giving users mobile options for viewing and creating videos. Now it is clearly a requirement – closely related to the consumer-driven behaviors mentioned above – and drives a proliferation of platform support. And many companies are successfully deploying mobile globally.

Security – no one-size-fits-all

Different companies had different approaches to security, but a common thread was that there was not a one-size-fits all solution.  Security was a requirement that had to be applied in different ways for different use cases and to adapt to organizational “baggage”. Keeping video secure without stifling user adoption is a priority.

Social is a priority

Almost everyone had on their high priority list to initiate or expand their use of video as a social tool. For most it was integrating video into their existing social portals like IBM Connections or SharePoint. For some it was activating the social sharing capabilities within their video portal.

Video use is accelerating

It was unanimous: almost every aspect of enterprise video is growing. The amount of resources invested, the number of broadcasts, the percent of employees reached, the number of platforms supported, the rate of user adoption – all were mentioned as expanding. It’s an exciting (if a bit unnerving) time to be in enterprise video!

The Qumu Customer Summit in New York was incredibly valuable for us at Qumu, and from the feedback we received, valuable to our customers as well.  I’m looking forward to the next one!